Valte international Inc.
Valte International Inc. is a family-owned company that produces plastics, rubber, mechanical products, medical products and air fresheners to meet consumer and industrial needs. Founded in 1995, it has several subsidiaries. 100,000 square feet of facilities, advanced equipment, technology and knowledgeable workforce make them a leader in the industry.
Abiding by the tenet of "Keep improving, customer first", we will serve new and old customers wholeheartedly with reasonable prices and considerate service.
Valte international Inc.
Quality assurance
Complete qualifications, safe and reliable quality
Quality service
Keep improving, integrity first, service first,
Professional team
Excellent research and development level and comprehensive quality assurance
Complete product variety
Diversified products, striving to meet customer needs
ADD:5483 Brookwood Lane,EI Sobrante CA 94803 U.S.A
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Valte international Inc.
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